The Company shall achieve its aspirations through its main objectives as follows:

  • To prevent loss of human life and personal injury,
  • To prevent damage to the ship,
  • To establish safeguards against identified risks,
  • To continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships,
  • To be aware for emergencies related to safety of human life,environment and property,
  • To meet and exceed the relevant safety, quality, security and environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements,
  • To set and continuously review the quality, safety and environmental objectives and targets as well as providing the adequate resources and shore-based support for their achievement,
  • To provide safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment,
  • To provide appropriate training to all personnel, especially those whose work may create a significant impact upon safety, security and the environment,
  • To continuously improve the safety-management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparation for emergency,
  • To maintain the ships and their equipment in such a manner to always ensure their fitness for the intended service,
  • To meet and exceed customer needs,
  • Commitment to high ethical standards, to honesty and integrity,
  • To maintain safety, quality and environmental excellence,
  • The Company aims to achieve the goals of ZERO incidents and ZERO spills at sea through continuous improvement,
  • To maintain a safe and healthy working environment, free from alcohol abuse and use of illegal drugs. [Possession, consumption, distribution or sale of illegal drugs or unauthorized alcohol by any of the Company employees shall lead to instant dismissal of the responsible individual].



The Company’s top level management is fully committed to providing a safe workplace for seafarers and to protecting the safety and well being of the public and the environment. Recognising alcohol and drug abuse will impair a person’s ability to perform properly and could therefore have serious adverse affects on safety, the management have established a Drug & Alcohol Policy which is strictly adhered to by all persons aboard Company vessels.

  • Consumption and possession of alcohol for private or any other use aboard Company vessels is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
  • In order to ensure seafarers and other persons boarding Company vessels are able to respond at any time to an emergency situation, the maximum permissible blood alcohol content of such persons should not exceed 0.04 percent per GM/Deciliter of blood or 40 mg/100 ml.
  • Seafarers and other persons boarding a Company vessel with scheduled watchkeeping or other work responsibilities must have abstained from alcohol for at least four hours prior to carrying out their duties.



The Company has adopted a “Management of Change Policy” with the aim of ensuring all significant changes made to shore side and shipboard operations are handled in a prompt, smooth and efficient manner with the least possible disruption.

The Company believes that this will only be achieved through

  • controlled and careful planning,
  • by making use of available human resources with suitable knowledge and experience of the subject matter,
  • by ensuring all personnel who will be effected are aware of the reasons for the change and
  • by how it will benefit the Company and in turn themselves and lastly,
  • by carrying out follow-up assessments on the effectiveness of the change.

The Managing Director is responsible for implementing this policy and authorising possible changes.

It is a known fact that well organised planning, designing and implementation will produce the most effective changes, therefore standard procedures have been developed to ensure critical elements of change are always addressed in a structured and consistent manner.

All employees, both shoreside and shipboard, are encouraged to report the need for changes and to put forward their suggestions for improvement. More often than not, the person at the workplace is the first to recognise the need for a change and can be of considerable help during design and implementation stages.



Protank Management S.A  is involved in the operation and management of vessels providing worldwide transportation of cargoes by sea and recognises the need to apply standards of security on the managed vessels and within the office surrounding.

Specifically, the Company is able to ensure the following:

  • Company security officer and the master as ship security officer on company’s vessels are properly familiar and are given the necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in accordance with Solas XI-2 and the ISPS Code,
  • Maintain a global security situation awareness,
  • Provide security protective practices and procedures in vessel and shore operations with safeguards against identified risks,
  • Conduct assessments of possible security threats and shore establishments,
  • Promote sustainable improvement by participating and communication security intelligence with other interested parties,
  • Comply with all applicable security laws and regulations and cooperate fully with relevant enforcement agencies,
  • Receive and evaluate security briefs at high risk ports and in high risk areas,
  • Ensure that contingency planning is in place to provide appropriate responses to security threats