Protank Management S.A is committed to provide world wide class ship management services that meet and exceed safety, environmental and customer requirements and to conduct its operations in a manner which protects human health and safety, the environment and property.

This is achieved by our commitment to:

    • Continually improving the effectiveness and performance of our SMS,
    • Continually improving the quality of its services and performance through innovation, evaluation of feedback information from those servicing on board and its contractual partners,
    • Ensuring sea staff’s and seagoing personnel’s commitment to safety, quality and environmental excellence through continual improvement of their safety management skills and competence by promoting training, familiarization and drills,
    • Implementing, maintaining and communicating this policy to all company employees and other parties,
    • Recognizing that health, safety, quality and environment protection are essential in order to achieve the company’s objectives and they are responsibilities of the top management,
    • Establishing, promoting, monitoring and reviewing safety, quality and environmental objectives in order to materialize this policy,
    • Ensuring compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and that applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, relevant flag administrations, classification societies and maritime industry organization are taken into account,
    • Fulfilling all contractual requirement as defined by the relevant Ship Management Agreements and charter parties,
    • Providing adequate resources to promote our policies,
    • Establishing safeguards against all identified risks to human life, health, property and prevention of pollution,
    • Promoting safe, healthy and environmentally friendly practices and safe working environment,
    • Being prepared for any emergency situation

Protank Management S.A believes that a good management system performance is fundamental to the company’s long term success and is therefore an integral part of its business plans. Responsibilities are extended throughout the organization diagram from the Managing Director downwards. Everyone is expected to take a personal, active and constructive role in drive for flawless, efficient, competitive and customer focused operations.

The Company presently has Zero incidents and Zero spills and our aim is to continue to have “zero” incidents and “zero” spills at sea through continuous improvement.